Flemish Ardennes

Every year, the Flemish Ardennes (Vlaamse Ardennen) are home to Belgium’s most well-known cycling classic, the “Ronde van Vlaanderen”. The Flemish Ardennes are probably the most interesting region in Flanders, not just for cycling, but also for walking fanatics.

The Flemish Ardennes are part of the province of East-Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), probably the most cycling-savvy region in Flanders. They cross the language border to the province of Hainaut, where they are called “Pays des Collines”.

Koppenberg, one of the most famous climbs in the Flemish Adennes.

The region has no link with the “real Ardennes”, also situated (mainly) in Belgium, but they were called after it. While the Ardennes in the Southern, French-speaking part of Belgium, reach an almost mountanous altitude of 694 meter, the highest point of the Flemish Ardennes is only 145 meter above sea level.

The Climbbybike cycling map offers the only available 3D-representation of this popular region. On the map, you can see the cross-figured ridges of the Flemish Ardennes and picturations of the most well-know climbs.